Having an extraordinary marriage is not easy.  In the same way that your physical health requires effort so does a healthy marriage. What you do and what you eat matters to your physical health and what you “do” and what you “eat” matters to your marital health.  The workouts below may not impact your physical body but they will give you strength, endurance and health in your marriage.  View them in a similar fashion to your physical fitness.  It requires a level of commitment to get up and go to the gym.  There is some awkwardness as you learn new exercises.  There is some discomfort as your muscles grow and stretch.  But rarely have I met a person who was consistent and committed that didn’t like the outcomes.  Not all of these exercises will be easy or comfortable.  Stay with it and the outcomes will be EXTRAORDINARY!

Line chart

XtraO Factor

The XtraO Factor, very simply is our intentionality.

When we are intentional in our relationship everything changes.  Intentionality is the fitness component critical to an extraordinary marriage. This factor affects all other exercises and brings success to a strong, healthy extraordinary marriage.


Core Training

Your core in your marriage is your connectedness. It is your intimacy. Your core is that muscle system that is critical to your balance and stability. It is at the center of your body and affects your entire body. Your core can’t be ignored!

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Create Shared Meaning

Personality Exercise

From Me to We

Goals & Dreams for the Future

Sex Challenge


Cardio Training

Love and Respect are the Cardio aspects of the marriage. They are the heart and lungs of the marriage granting and sustaining life. A strong heart and lungs carry the blood and breath that nourish all parts of the body. 

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Ten Text

Giving Presence

I Just Called to Say I Love You


Strength Training

Relationship and marriage skills and abilities are the muscles that keep your marriage strong. They are the skillsets that when  developed will strengthen your marriage.

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Fighting Fair

Communications 101

Solvable or Unsolvable

Strength Finders

Conflict Resolution



Just like what you put into your  body matters for your physical health, the same is true in what you feed your mind.  Your marriage is directly affected by your thought life.

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Dining In

Eliminating Attacks

Gratitude Journal

Appreciation List



This training builds endurance and the ability to have a long lasting extraordinary marriage. To overcome the challenges and transitions as the marriage grows and changes through the stages of life.

Sharing Your Fears

Change Impact

Resistance Bands


Password Exchange

Affair Proofing

Survival Skills

Romance Retreat



Every marriage needs to be flexible, to learn to forgive and adjust in a give and take relationship. As we stretch and grow our lives become rich and full and can achieve extraordinary.

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Chore Change Ups

Random Roses

Random Acts of Kindness


Targeted Muscles

Every marriage faces some specific issues that can make or break them.  An XtraO marriage works on these issues specifically to prevent crisis and injury as well as to heal from the affects these may have already had on the marriage.

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In-Laws (Letting Go)

Money and Marriage




Blended Families


Physical Changes