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“Put Self First”

In order to have an eXtraOrdinary relationship you must “Put Yourself First.” This seems counter intuitive and is a controversial title. However, please watch the video and see what we mean by this statement and what we are calling the “Oxygen Principle”

Introduction to XtraOmarriage.com and our approach to lowering the divorce rate one Extraordinary marriage at a time. Using health and fitness principles and workouts we are growing extraordinary healthy marriages.

This video reveals the importance of having goals for your relationships. We set career goals, health goals, and other financial goals.  But we often fail to set relationship goals and it is our relationships that have a direct effect on our career, health and finances.

What decisions are you making that will radically move your marriage to a new level? It is often as simple as making one intentional little decision every day that moves a marriage from the brink of divorce to hope or from ordinary to XtraOrdinary.