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What clients in our programs are saying…

XtraO Marriage

“Your coaching has changed our relationship.  We are together today thanks to your coaching.” ~ C&B Burns Albuquerque, NM

“I couldn’t wait to get here and I don’t want to miss a session. After the first session I knew you would help me see things I wasn’t seeing. Your coaching has opened doors for communication.” ~ T. Anny Albuquerque NM

“I discovered that one person can make a difference.  When I committed to becoming my best self and implemented the strategies I saw transformation in my relationship. Thanks XtraO” ~ Des

XtraO Health

~Hope Crowe

~Shaun Harris

“One year 110 lbs.  But more important through this process I figured out what self love truly is…. I was so ready for this I was 100% all in.” 

“My name is Shaun Harris and I lost 70Lbs in 4 months!! WhileI’m very proud of the transformation my body has taken and continues to go through, I’m most proud of the father and husband I have become…”

XtraO Life

I can’t wait to see what God will do across this coming year from the blessing of this contractual relationship of insight and practical helps 

In four weeks, Darrell led me through a tailored process of assessment and guidance that efficiently addressed issues that were undermining my personal and ministerial effectiveness, and gracefully triggered deep healing and a dramatic rise in clarity, confidence and energy. He has prescribed resources and tools that have revolutionized my thought life and personal management…in just one month of learning and application.

“I am discovering how my best self impacts my relationship and how to become the best version of me and create an extraordinary relationship. Thank you for the ‘Ahas'” ~A. Ron Albuquerque, NM

“XtraO Life Coaching has helped me find direction for my life, identify my limiting beliefs and move forward with a solid plan.” ~Rob Albuquerque, NM

  • 1-1 Relationship coaching
  • Individuals or couples
  • Video call coaching sessions
  • Goal oriented coaching
  • 1-1 Personal Health coaching
  • Thriving Like-minded Community
  • Transformational Habits of Health System
  • Structured Nutrition Plan
  • 1-1 Personal Life coaching
  • Goal Oriented
  • Outcome Based
  • Video call coaching sessions


Coaching is for everyone…  The greatest athletes in the world understand the value of coaching.  Coaching helps us see points of weakness that keep us from achieving our goals and dreams.  We invest in a lot of things now days.  We invest in our health with personal trainers and gym memberships.  We invest in our careers with educations and seminars and training.  We even invest in our hobbies.  

Why don’t we invest in the one area that affects all the others… our relationships.


Tiger Coaching


  • Designed with you in mind
  • Go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients
  • Your success IS our success
  • We strive for a Raving Fan Relationship


Action oriented

Forward focused

Outcome based



Rehashing problems

Historically focused

Couple required

Passive talk 

Love on Purpose, Live Intentionally & Make it an XtraO Kind of Day!