For Better or Worse, Richer or poorer, in sickness and in health

Till Death Do us part


Our story

Married in 1986, we began our journey to what we dreamed would be “happily ever after.” It wasn’t long before we discovered what the majority of married couples discover…we were not living the fairy tale married life. Little did we know when we said “I do” that we would face better AND worse. We weren’t planning on infertility, adoption, drugs, rebellion, human trafficking, special needs autism, drifting apart, unwanted medical diagnosis causing sexual dysfunction, working and living in separate states for about a year… and the list could go on. This is not to say that we did not experience “better.” We have had a great marriage filled with awesome adventures, deep and meaningful times together, incredible ministries and careers, passionate love, joy-filled memories, and the list could go on. In other words we have experienced married life; better AND worse. We have been on the marriage mountain top and on the brink of divorce more than once. And then we discovered the XtraO Factor and started to apply it to our marriage and discovered that ExtraOrdinary is possible in the midst of life.


our mission

Wherever you are currently in your marriage we are glad you are here. Maybe you found our site in a desperate search for hope and one last effort to salvage your marriage. Maybe you are struggling & ready to throw in the towel. Or maybe you are here because you want to go from good to great! Whether you are desperate or just want more we are glad you are here and we believe that today is the start of an extraordinary journey to that XtraO marriage you have always dreamed of. Our mission is to lower the divorce rate one marriage at a time. Strong, growing XtraO marriages don't end in divorce. Not all marriages are destined for divorce. Many marriages are simply drifting along in a status quo state with two people who have settled for just ok, even good but not great. Our mission is to lower the divorce rate while at the same time increasing the number of marriages that are thriving and extraordinary. Will you join our XtraO family and help us in our mission to put the XO back in marriage and transform lives in our world one marriage at a time? You deserve an XtraO marriage!


our community

Our XtraO family is a growing community of individuals and couples who have made an intentional commitment to working strategically on the health and strength of their marriage.

It is a community who supports, strengthens, and encourages one another in love as we journey together in the fight for strong, healthy marriages.

Our XtraO family is a growing community of men and women who understand that marriage takes work and that love is a verb that requires effort and our marriages are worth the work and the effort. Extraordinary is possible and well worth the effort.

People often wonder if they have married the right person. The XtraO family is discovering that it's not about marrying the right person but about learning to love the person you married and that leads to an extraordinary relationship.

We are glad you are here and look forward to connecting with you in the XtraO family.

At XtraO Marriage we believe that every marriage has the potential to be Extraordinary. Isn’t that what we all dream of when we say “I Do?” Who wants ho-hum, ordinary and mundane. We want an incredible, intimate, beyond average, ExtraOrdinary Marriage. And YES it is possible to have it! At XtraO Marriage we are developing resources and tools to assist you on your journey to an XtraO Marriage.

Hugs and Kisses

We are finding that many marriages have lost the little things, the hugs and kisses, the romance, and the infatuation that started it all. Marriages are drifting to disaster at an alarming rate. And if they don’t end in divorce many settle for a mundane, ordinary, status quo existence as roommates. XtraO is helping put the XO, the hugs and kisses, the little things, back in your marriage.

More than XO… It is about the XtraO Factor

It starts with the hugs and kisses. But we all want more. We want that XtraO, that something different, that wOw factor. We want a level of love and intimacy that excites and moves us to want to do the hard work to acquire it. We believe that every marriage has the potential to experience the XtraO but also realize that it is not easy. It’s been said that, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Trust us, the XtraO is worth having. So we are here to help you do the hard work to experience EXTRAORDINARY.


Our Methodology

We believe marriages are much like our physical bodies and that with the right workouts and nutritional plans our marriages can thrive and be healthy and even EXTRAORDINARY!  Marriages naturally drift and require intentional commitment and effort to be healthy and strong.



We have designed "workouts" that will strengthen your marriage. Intentional commitment to "workout" and "exercise" will take your marriage to an EXTRAORDINARY place.


Nutrition Plans

What you "feed on" is critical to the success or failure of your marriage. A healthy marriage requires the elimination of certain "foods" and intentionally "eating" the right stuff.


Training Courses and Resources

Thousands of dollars are spent on weddings that last one day. However, few dollars are spent on learning how to have a marriage that lasts a lifetime. Invest in your future.


XtraO Community

Connect with us on social media and let's grow together. Think of it as a workout or training partner. There is something powerful about accountability and journeying together.



We are not marriage therapists or counselors, we are relationship coaches that can come alongside you and give you support, encouragement and some coaching as you work on your marriage.