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Putting the XO Back in Marriage

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About Us

Hi. We are Darrell & Robin MacLearn and we care about you and your marriage. We want you to have an extraordinary marriage. Why do we care? Because we’ve experienced the good, the bad and the ugly in our marriage and have discovered that we prefer extraordinary. Wherever you are on the spectrum from the brink of divorce to an extraordinary relationship, we can relate as we have probably experienced it and successfully overcome. Here’s a sampling of some of those experiences…

  • Married over 30 years
  • In ministry since 1990
  • Undergrad and Graduate degrees
  • Business owners
  • Pastor
  • Counselor
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaching & consulting
  • Homemaker
  • Human trafficking education seminars
  • Marriage Enrichment workshops
  • Law Enforcement Chaplain
  • Author
  • Relocated 18 times
  • Infertility
  • Adoption
  • Parenting a drug addict who became a human trafficking victim
  • Parenting a special needs child
  • Adultery
  • Addictions
  • Unemployment
  • Financial loss
  • Living apart due to job change
  • Living separate lives under the same roof
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Chronic medical diagnosis

Yes, the good, the bad and the ugly. However, we prefer extraordinary. We have discovered that no marriage is without hope. Through our own experience and research, we believe you can go from a hopeless marriage to an extraordinary one with the right equipment. We want to take what we have learned and studied to lower the divorce rate one extraordinary marriage at a time. 


We believe that EVERY marriage can be an extraordinary marriage — a marriage marked by deep friendship and intimacy.  We want to welcome you to XtraO Marriage where we are working to lower the divorce rate one extraordinary marriage at a time.  This short video will introduce you to us and what we’re doing.  Thanks for watching.

Meet Robin


An introverted bystander for most of our marriage. However, in the last 2 years I have discovered the joy of no longer being a bystander and becoming fully engaged in life and love. I’m finding purpose as I become more involved. I started a blog, No Longer a Bystander,  in March 2019 to share my journey from being a couch potato content to stay home and watch tv, to a much more active person who enjoys the outdoors, working out and living life to its fullest with my extraordinary husband. I am excited to continue to develop an extraordinary marriage with Darrell, the love of my life.

Meet Darrell

Darrell gym

An extroverted adventurer, I have run the London Marathon, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 2 times, skydived and traveled around the world.  But my greatest adventure and challenge is marriage.  As a goal setter and one who strives to achieve and conquer challenges from work to mountains, I have come to realize that the greatest and most fulfilling adventure we can take on is the challenge to build an EXTRAORDINARY marriage.  About the time you think you have it figured out you hit the marathon wall or the mountain scree and are ready to throw in the towel.  I’m so glad that I discovered the XtraO Factor and pressed on to Extraordinary!  I’m privileged to “run” with my best friend, “climb” with my lover, and “workout” with my life partner.


XtraO Marriage Philosophy


At XtraO Marriage we believe that  every marriage has the potential to be Extraordinary.  Isn’t that what we all dream of when we say “I Do?”  Who wants weak, ho-hum, ordinary and mundane?  We want a healthy, incredible, strong, intimate, beyond average, Extraordinary marriage.

And YES it is possible to have.  It is our belief that the divorce rate in our world is out of control, not because we chose the wrong person, but because we haven’t learned how to truly love the person we have chosen.  We believe that there is a single factor, what we call the XtraO Factor, that can take any marriage and make it an extraordinary one. That factor is your INTENTIONAL COMMITMENT to unconditional love and connecting with your spouse at the core of who they are not what they look like, do or don’t do.  It is nurturing a deep intimate friendship with your spouse as your BEST FRIEND. 

Our marriages are like our bodies and need intentional exercises and nutrition to be strong and healthy. Join us on a marriage journey where you will discover tools, resources, coaching and training guides that will transform your marriage and bring health, vitality, and life.  It is time to put on your health and fitness mindset, grab a training plan and build some marriage muscle. 


Core Training

Your core in your marriage is your connectedness. It is your intimacy. Your core is that muscle system that is critical to your balance and stability. It is at the center of your body and affects your entire body. Your core can't be ignored!



Every marriage needs to be flexible, to learn to forgive and adjust in a give and take relationship. As we stretch and grow our lives become rich and full and can achieve extraordinary.


Strength Training

Relationship and marriage skills and abilities are the muscles that keep your marriage strong. They are the skillsets that when they are developed will strengthen your marriage.


Cardio Training

Love and Respect are the Cardio aspects of the marriage. They are the heart and lungs of the marriage granting and sustaining life. A strong heart and lungs carry the blood and breath that nourish all parts of the body



This training builds endurance and the ability to have a long lasting extraordinary marriage. Endurance is learning to navigate the stages of life to overcome the challenges and transitions as the marriage grows and changes.



Just like what you put into your body matters for your physical health, the same is true in what you feed your mind. Your marriage is directly affected by your thought life.

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