Journeying Together to Build eXtraOrdinary Lives


Darrell & Robin MacLearn


The habits and patterns and cognitive loops that got us to where we are today in our lives and relationships are the same habits, patterns and loops that will make tomorrow more of the same.  However, our future doesn’t need to look like our past… No matter where we find ourselves we CAN go to the NEXT LEVEL

Your Relationship Can Thrive 

(XtraO Marriage Coaching)

Your Health and Fitness Can Thrive

(XtraO Health Coaching)

Your Life As A Whole Can Thrive

(XtraO Life Coaching)


Why do we care? Because we’ve experienced the rut.  

We’ve experienced the good, bad and the ugly in our marriage and have discovered that we prefer extraordinary. 

We’ve experienced the health and fitness battle and discovered that we can break free and lose the weight or accomplish the dreams.

We’ve experience the challenges of life and the habits, limiting beliefs, and cognitive loops that have kept us stuck and discovered tools and methods to find freedom and go the the NEXT LEVEL in any area of life.

Why do we care about you?  Because we have experienced the eXtraOrdinary life and part of that life is the joy that comes in helping others go to their NEXT LEVEL


Hi. We are Darrell & Robin MacLearn and we care about you and your life. We want you to have an extraordinary Life. We believe that every life can be eXtraOrdinary; lives filled with Joy and purpose and meaning.  Living healthy vibrant lives with deep meaningful relationships and purpose.  “Next Level” Living… No matter where you are or where you want to go we want to help you get to your NEXT LEVEL.

Thank you for checking out XtraO Coaching and giving us a chance to assist you on your journey.

Meet Robin

An introverted bystander for most of our marriage. However, in the last 2 years I have discovered the joy of no longer being a bystander and becoming fully engaged in life and love. I’m finding purpose as I become more involved. I started a blog, No Longer a Bystander,  in March 2019 to share my journey from being a couch potato content to stay home and watch tv, to a much more active person who enjoys the outdoors, running, working out and living life to its fullest with my extraordinary husband. I am excited to continue to develop an extraordinary marriage with Darrell, the love of my life, as we adventure through life together.

Meet Darrell

An extroverted adventurer, I have run the London Marathon, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 2 times, skydived and traveled around the world.  But my greatest adventure and challenge is marriage.  As a goal setter and one who strives to achieve and conquer challenges from work to mountains, I have come to realize that the greatest and most fulfilling adventure we can take on is the challenge to build an EXTRAORDINARY marriage.  About the time you think you have it figured out you hit the marathon wall or the mountain scree and are ready to throw in the towel.  I’m so glad that I discovered the XtraO Factor and pressed on to Extraordinary!  I’m privileged to “run” with my best friend, “climb” with my lover, and “workout” with my life partner.